Week 1 of Active Offseason

Starting Week 1

Today, (Sunday) starts week 1 on a 12-week “Active Offseason” training plan. Here is the schedule:

  • Sunday: 1:50 in the endurance zone.
  • Monday: Mixed zones, 1:45. Drills and intervals.
  • Tuesday: 45-min free workout.
  • Wednesday: 1-hr free workout.
  • Thursday: 2:20 in the endurance zone.
  • Friday: 45-min free workout.
  • Saturday: 2:51 in endurance zone with some quick bursts.

Total: 8hrs 40min, 4 Workouts.

I have not done many 2-hour rides in the last year, fortunately they are in the endurance zone. On one of the rest days I will probably do a weight lifting session. 

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