The Weight Loss Yo-yo That is My Life

For the better part of my adult life I have been a bit overweight. Not morbidly obese or anything like that but every time I goto the doctor they tell me I should weight about 180 pounds. I typically fluctuate between 215 and 220 pounds.

Health issues last year lead me to get motivated and I lost 35 or so pounds working with Chris DeVecchio. One of many things I learned working with him was that I do better on a schedule. Getting into a daily routine is key. This was confirmed several months after working with Chris when I incorporated Versatile Fitness into my daily routine.

So based on the yo-yo I have experience thus far in life here are some facts about my behavior. 

  • Much more successful if exercise and diet are etched into a routine.
  • Enjoy working out with other people more than by myself.
  • Make poor dietary choices if meals are not prepared in advance.
  • Emotional events can derail me VERY easily. (anxiety, stress, anger, etc.)
  • I have seen a positive impact in managing emotional events with daily meditation. 
  • I am subject to constant interruption with often times leads to a loss of motivation. 
  • Alcohol has always been a struggle, especially in social situations.

The next few posts are going to be about pushing the reset button, getting into a routine, and getting started on hopefully the last yo-yo swing. 

The purpose of this blog is in part to document the physical, mental and emotional processes in hopes that I learn more about myself. All with the goal of changing my lifestyle to one that is all-around healthier. 

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