Mid-week Update

This week I have been sick. It started Sunday night and I have kicked it for the most part as of tonight (Thursday). Just a little cough remaining.

I plan to do at least one check in per week to talk about what is working, what isn’t and why.

What’s Working: 
First, I have had no trouble waking up at 5:00am thus far. My kids for the most part stayed in bed and I did get un-interrupted time to do my meditations, cook breakfast, and get ready for work in a stress-free, peaceful environment. 

In addition, I have not partaken in any mid-week beers or whiskey. I know, CRAZY!

I haven’t gotten real worked up about anything thus far this week. I believe it is because of everything mentioned above. 

What’s Not Quite Working:
I have been eating more than I should be. My new desk at work is very close to a conference room that is always catered. I know this will be a struggle moving forward. There is ALWAYS free leftover catering. 

So far I think I am off to a pretty good start. Tomorrow my smart trainer arrives so I can cycle throughout the winter. Very excited about that!

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