Giving the Bike Some Love

I realized a couple weeks ago, I have had my bicycle for a few years now and have not done any maintenance on it… at all. 

So I decided to take on the task of replacing my brake and shifter cable and housing. I changed it up and bought white cable housing instead of the old boring black I have before. 

New SRAM gear.

It turns out, its a bit harder than I thought. The kits come with EXACTLY enough cable housing… so don’t mis-measure. Well, I did. I cut the front brake housing too short. Nevertheless, I had to order another kit. Thankfully they are not real expensive. 

Another interesting note. I thought a sharp pair of dikes would cut the housing easy enough. I was wrong. It did cut through it but its not pretty at all. 

I will update as soon as I get farther along in the project… but so far off to a humbling start. 

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