Food For Thought…

My buddy Paul Jesse posted the following on facebook a couple days ago. 

“Something to keep in mind if you haven’t voted yet, and every day really.

You don’t matter.

Your thoughts and opinions don’t matter. What you want doesn’t matter. You’re given this life and it’s over incredibly quickly. In the grand picture we are less than a speck of dust. We will all be forgotten much more quickly than we are willing to imagine.

The best case scenario is getting the chance to have a positive impact on those we encounter and make someone else’s life a little better while we are here. Do something to leave this place better than when we got here for those that come after us.

If everyone approached their vote, and daily life, with this realization imagine how much of a difference we could make.

You don’t matter, but your actions do.”

Paul Jesse

Just think about this a let is sink in…

With politics aside, the idea of getting over ourselves and doing something to help others is something everyone needs a subtle reminder of every now and again. Here is yours. 🙂

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