Day 1 – Memorial Weekend Ride

Today, I got out for 90 minutes and explored West Linn and Stafford County. Both areas are beautiful. I saw beautiful farm house mansions and gorgeous river-front homes. Pipe dreams… 

Tualatin River

We have been in Oregon now for a couple months. We are starting to get settled in and used to the new pace of life. 

My focus is shifting now from getting my feet planted and life setup to focusing on health, both physical and mental. Physically, my blood pressure, cholesterol and liver hate me. Mentally, I take medication for anxiety and panic attacks that I do not like taking. 

I do believe that with more balanced approach to life the medication are not needed. An overall focus on health should negate the need. (Yes, I know I am not a doctor.)

That being said, this weekend I rode 16.7 miles at a brisk relative pace, fast enough to get the heart rate up but slow enough to be able to enjoy some of the beauty around me. (Here is the link to the ride.) 

The latter part of the day we went with our great friends to Oswego Hills Winery and enjoyed some of the local wine and QT with friends. 

In terms of diet, I ate a great breakfast. Kale, broccoli, bacon and egg/egg white scramble for breakfast. For lunch a salad that had chicken, spinach, kale, red onion, and bruschetta sauce as the dressing. For dinner we had cauliflower pizza crust pizza with chicken, bacon, kale, onion, and a buffalo drizzle.

It was a great day!

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