Week 1 Recap – Cycling, Diet, Intermittent Fasting

I finished up my first week of my Active Offseason training program. W00t w00t. I am really liking Zwift and my Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer thus far. 

I have had some trouble with the companion app connecting to Zwift but I think its because I have crappy internet, not because of their app. One of the biggest things I like about it is that the environment is very controlled and I can control what zones I am training. For example, Last night was an endurance ride, riding outside it would have been very hard to keep in that endurance zone. Riding on the trainer w/ Zwift I was in the endurance zone for 95% of the workout, over 2 hrs!

So here is the breakdown of the training this week. 

  • Sunday: 1:50 in the endurance zone.
  • Monday: Mixed zones, 1:45. Drills and intervals.
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: 1-hr free workout.
  • Thursday: 2:20 in the endurance zone.
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: 2:51 in endurance zone with some quick bursts.

Intermittent Fasting

In addition, to a great week of training, I also completed a week of intermittent fasting, and it really wasn’t very difficult. The fasting period fit into my schedule very naturally. Here are some of the key things I did: 

  • I finished dinner most nights by 6:30-6:45pm and did not eat again until 11:15-11:30am the next day.
  • Drank black cold-brew coffee in the mornings
  • Drank a lot of water. like 64+ oz each day. (I felt more thirsty in general)
  • When I did eat, I ate healthy, balanced meals. 
  • I ate until I was full, which was about 600-800 calories per meal. 

I will post back later with some of the things I have experienced with intermittent fasting.