Week 1 Recap – Cycling, Diet, Intermittent Fasting

I finished up my first week of my Active Offseason training program. W00t w00t. I am really liking Zwift and my Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer thus far. 

I have had some trouble with the companion app connecting to Zwift but I think its because I have crappy internet, not because of their app. One of the biggest things I like about it is that the environment is very controlled and I can control what zones I am training. For example, Last night was an endurance ride, riding outside it would have been very hard to keep in that endurance zone. Riding on the trainer w/ Zwift I was in the endurance zone for 95% of the workout, over 2 hrs!

So here is the breakdown of the training this week. 

  • Sunday: 1:50 in the endurance zone.
  • Monday: Mixed zones, 1:45. Drills and intervals.
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: 1-hr free workout.
  • Thursday: 2:20 in the endurance zone.
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: 2:51 in endurance zone with some quick bursts.

Intermittent Fasting

In addition, to a great week of training, I also completed a week of intermittent fasting, and it really wasn’t very difficult. The fasting period fit into my schedule very naturally. Here are some of the key things I did: 

  • I finished dinner most nights by 6:30-6:45pm and did not eat again until 11:15-11:30am the next day.
  • Drank black cold-brew coffee in the mornings
  • Drank a lot of water. like 64+ oz each day. (I felt more thirsty in general)
  • When I did eat, I ate healthy, balanced meals. 
  • I ate until I was full, which was about 600-800 calories per meal. 

I will post back later with some of the things I have experienced with intermittent fasting. 

Week 1 of Active Offseason

Starting Week 1

Today, (Sunday) starts week 1 on a 12-week “Active Offseason” training plan. Here is the schedule:

  • Sunday: 1:50 in the endurance zone.
  • Monday: Mixed zones, 1:45. Drills and intervals.
  • Tuesday: 45-min free workout.
  • Wednesday: 1-hr free workout.
  • Thursday: 2:20 in the endurance zone.
  • Friday: 45-min free workout.
  • Saturday: 2:51 in endurance zone with some quick bursts.

Total: 8hrs 40min, 4 Workouts.

I have not done many 2-hour rides in the last year, fortunately they are in the endurance zone. On one of the rest days I will probably do a weight lifting session. 

Wrapping Up a Solid Week

This week was a pretty good week! It was my second week with my new team at work. They seem like great people and the work is very challenging. 

On the fitness front several thing happened this week.

  • I committed to a friend this week to do a century ride from Portland, OR to the coast in May 2019. It is a little ways off but I have a lot of fitness to build up. 
  • I worked out every day for the last 7 days for a minimum of 50 minutes. 
  • I started a training plan on Strava. It is a 12-week Active Offseason plan that is meant to maintain fitness over the winter. Perfect for the PNW weather. 

I am really liking my indoor cycling setup thus far. I put Strava on the TV. and a mindless comedy on the computer. The time FLIES!

On the diet front, I ate fairly well this week. I brought my lunch to work 4 of the 5 days this week. The food I brought from home was well balanced. Kale, broccoli, chicken, snap peas, etc. 

The number on the scale isn’t moving much but I know if I stick with it, it will. My goal is more centered around creating better habits. I need to stay focused on making good food and fitness choices. 

On that note, I had no alcohol all week. Shocking, I know! Since the only time I have to work out is after the kids goto bed, I have replace my evening cocktail(s) with my workout and by the time I finish my workout, I don’t feel like having any.

Looking forward to tomorrow and what the day brings!

Winter Riding Setup Ready To GO!

Zwift + Wahoo Snap all setup

Last night my Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer arrived! After the kids went to bed I set it up, locked the bike in, fired up a free trial of Zwift and tried it out. 

Zwift is awesome and is ridiculously easy to setup. All I had to do was plug it in, open the Zwift app and it paired with my trainer. Super easy. I have never trained by power (watts) before. It seems like a very direct metric for measuring effort that is completely environment-agnostic.

This morning I did a another workout, an FTP test to establish baseline zones for training. It was an hour and 13 minutes and was hard. But the time flew by. Zwift definitely keeps you engaged and downs out the mindlessness of cycling on an indoor training. 

The Bicycle Gets Some Love

I just finished my first bicycle maintenance job in years. My goal was to replace my handlebar tape, shift cables and housing as well as brake cables and housing.

The end result was awesome and I am super stoked I was able to do it. I figure I prolly save $120 or so in labor doing it myself. #hooray. 

The biggest challenge was ultimately not having the right tools and accidentally cutting the brake housing too short. But for the most part I just looked as how it was done before, and copied it. Nevertheless, once I got some proper cable cutters, it was a lot easier.

I replaced the cables one at a time left side then right so I always had a reference to how they were supposed to run around the handlebars and the front of the bike. 

  • Front Brake cable: cut it too short the first time, had to get another cable. Learned that I should measure the length of the housing with the brake calipers closed, not open. 
  • Front Shift cable: no issues here, cut housing to match the length of the ones I removed.
  • Rear Brake cable: again no issues, by now I was getting the hang of it and my cable cutter was making the job easy. 
  • Read Shift cable: like butter.
  • Re wrapped the handle bars. I watched a couple you tube video on how to do this since I forgot how they were wrapped then i remove the old tape. 

I watched youtube videos on how to wrap the handlebar tape as well as how to get the shift and break cable out of the shifters. Turns out its not hard and the design of the shifters is pretty cool. Proof anyone can do some routine bike maintenance… if they really want to. 

All in all, a very fun and rewarding project. 

Giving the Bike Some Love

I realized a couple weeks ago, I have had my bicycle for a few years now and have not done any maintenance on it… at all. 

So I decided to take on the task of replacing my brake and shifter cable and housing. I changed it up and bought white cable housing instead of the old boring black I have before. 

New SRAM gear.

It turns out, its a bit harder than I thought. The kits come with EXACTLY enough cable housing… so don’t mis-measure. Well, I did. I cut the front brake housing too short. Nevertheless, I had to order another kit. Thankfully they are not real expensive. 

Another interesting note. I thought a sharp pair of dikes would cut the housing easy enough. I was wrong. It did cut through it but its not pretty at all. 

I will update as soon as I get farther along in the project… but so far off to a humbling start.